Process Productions

Welcome To Process Productions
This website is intended to be viewed by adults and contains adult language, artwork, videos and situations. If seeing the human form transformed in any way, shape or form is upsetting or offends you in any way, please do not enter, otherwise, feel free to sign up and join our community!

The Process Forum is designed as a way for people who share interests in many fetishes including: Age Progression and Regression, Breast Expansion, Inflation and Expansion, Growth and Shrinking, Transformation, Transgender and Everything Else in between. By "Process" the Forum is specific in most aspects to the female form going through a process of change from transitional changes to or including incremental changes such as a woman transforming into a werewolf or shrinking to the size of a pencil.

The website is not complex by design and takes a minimalist approach. The Process Store is separate from the Forum and includes several types of comic style or story driven comics for purchase, drawn and written by members of our community. Many contain adult themes and situations, so if these themes or situations upset you, please do not visit the store, otherwise, enjoy the selection and feel free to make requests and leave feedback for the artists!