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Request a Story

Decided to make a separate thread where requests can be posted, and what I'm working on can be shown, because my current rules are very buried in my story thread. So here's the deal!

Note: I am ready to branch out to different sorts of TF, and have edited this request thread to reflect that!

I'm currently taking story requests! Here are a couple of suggestions that will greatly improve your chances of getting your request accepted. More will be added as I think of them.

1. Werewolves are still my favorites, and are the most likely to be accepted as requests. If you're going for something different, know that I prefer to write transformations into wild and predatory creatures much more than I like domesticated creatures, i.e. a transformation into a wolf is much more likely to be accepted than a transformation into a dog. Real world creatures are not the limit; pretty much whatever you can think of.

2. I write painful transformations. You can feel free to request a pleasurable transformation, of course. Always feel free to request exactly what you want. But know that the odds of me writing one are highly unlikely.

3. Sexuality is at my discretion. Hardcore sexuality in a transformation is a bit uncomfortable for me to write, where slightly less explicit sexuality actually makes things more interesting to work with.

4. The more detail you give me, the more likely I'll accept your request and the easier a time I'll have with it. Be as descriptive as you want, especially in the appearance and personality of the victim and the scenario of the transformation itself. I can't stress this enough, from supporting characters to setting, small details can really help.

Don't let these guidelines stop you from requesting what you want in your TF. The worst I can do is say no, and I swear I'll be polite and friendly about it. Other than that, as much detail as you can give me for what you want is always appreciated! What the girl looks like, how she acts, the situation she's in and why the transformation happens, etc. etc. And if you would rather make your request in private, feel free to PM me!

Here's a place where you can find all my work:

And here's what I'm working on right now:

Untitled Story -A jealous ex-boyfriend discovers that his girlfriend was stripping for strangers in front of a webcam for cash the whole time she was dating him. Angry, he decides to get back at her with a black magic ritual that transforms her into a wolf in front of all of her paying customers.

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