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Re: Request a Story

Originally Posted by futagal View Post
Re: The two girls at once:

How about this scenario - a girl is waiting anxiously for her roommate to come home. A month ago the roommate was attacked outside the building and bitten. The girl couldn't be sure that she was the attacker, but as the new full moon approaches, she has become more sure of the signs in her friend. She's asked her roommate to come home early so she can break the news, but her roommate is late.

The roommate gets home, but the moon has already risen, and both girls are feeling the effects. The girl tries to tell her roommate what is happening, but as both of them begin to transform the roommate becomes more and more afraid. The girl is forced to subdue her and keep her from escaping, so that they don't do any damage. Finally both of them fully transform. The story could end with them waking up, realizing that they now share something both intimate and frightening.

Excellent! That's plenty for me to go on, though if you have any specifications for what you'd like the girls to look like, that would be good to know! Request accepted!
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