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Re: Request a Story

Originally Posted by LeenaAngelWing View Post
Hmmm... female werewolf only eh?

You know what I would like to see, a model, up on stage, going down the catwalk, trying to ignore the change as much as she can, but eventually succumbing.

What also might be good is a girl, obsessed with her fitness, lifting weights and doing exercises so hard that she transforms along the way.

If I wasn't limited to female werewolves, i'd say I wanted to see some sort of spider anthro tf. Stuff like that always made for good painful tf material.
I'm fond of both of these ideas! If you'd like to work out some more details with me for either of them, please definitely do.

Originally Posted by no-name View Post
Brain recovering from cooking up random commission ideas.
Will check back later with ideas ready.
Can't wait.

Originally Posted by sodacat View Post
I like the concept of a transformation taking place in a small enclosed space, like for instance an airplane bathroom. Maybe one involving a stewardess on one of those smaller cross-pacific commercial planes from the 40s-50s that only had 20-25 seats? She's the only stewardess on the flight and the stress, and maybe some cursed trinket she picked up in the Orient, trigger the transformation.
Dig it! Again, feel free to work out any other details with me at your earliest convenience.

Also of note, I may be temporarily closing requests soon, simply because it could easily get to the point of people waiting months for their story, which isn't very fair to the requester. So if I get a little pickier before I actually close requests, that's why! I'll only be accepting one or two more before I close for a while. Sorry about that folks.
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