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Re: Missed TF opportunities in film

Originally Posted by Chef123 View Post
Well, the starting of her transformation was hinted and you see her with red eyes and a strange skin color at the end, but it really sucked that they didn't go further with her changes and turned her also into a large mosquito creature.

"Black Sheep" was also a really good movie, with wasted TF opportunities. The male TFs are really well done but it sucks that no women were shown changing into sheep. I really would have loved it if they had changed the Doctor into a sheep. She was kind of sexy. (BTW they even didn't show how she was killed by the sheep. You just hear her scream and than the screen fades into black)

Yeah, there were also some cute foreign bidders there for the sheep demo - you saw a couple get killed (gruesomely ;p), but a few of them obviously transformed as well since they were naked in the sheep dip pen at the end.
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