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Re: TF as a reward.

Assuming "TF as reward" refers to an individual who is either a willing participant and/or more receptive to their new...lot in life and not strictly contractual in nature (and equally vague in writing), here are some examples that come to mind:

Most Disney films, where the TF drives the plot, would use "TF as reward" to restore its pre-film status quo, though there are exceptions.

Demona of the "Gargoyles" series was originally rewarded the ability to avoid turning to stone during the day after "entertaining" Puck in the episode "The Mirror". While the means to accomplish this feat was never specified (she transforms into a human, reverting back at night), she has since utilized this "gift" to her advantage.

Nearly every "Shantae" game uses transformations as literal rewards to progress through the game. I believe "Shantae and the Pirate's Curse" is the exception to this (for now): having lost her genie powers in a previous game, she must improvise with more "conventional" gear before unexpectedly (on her part) regaining it during the final boss fight.

The "Little Witch Academia" anime has main protagonist Atsuko "Akko" Kagari transforming into various creatures. While initially on accident and often outside of her control, later episodes has her pulling off multiple TFs consecutively AND on command. Considering her goal of becoming a witch and the bulk of the show takes place in a "high school" setting, this act could be considered a reward for her studies.

Honorable mention goes to Fake Althena from "LUNAR: Eternal Blue" (and its "Complete" remake), who agreed to masquerade as a goddess on behalf of Zophar, a god of destruction and the series' true antagonist. Despite promising her "eternal beauty and youth", the terms of their verbal contract left A LOT up to interpretation, and Zophar is a humanoid bordering on Eldritch-like levels...I guess true beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Needless to say, her reward becomes your boss fight.
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