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Missed TF opportunities in film

Well, I was thinking about this more from the Sexiest TF thread.

Which films have come out that should have featured some good TFs but for some reason (budget, etc) the TFs were either really skimped or dropped completely.

1. Prince Caspian - was waiting for a "good" TF or small series of TFs that I remembered from the book for the entire film only to get to the end and find out that the entire sequence was cut completely. Given the pacing of the final film, I'm guessing they never even filmed the scenes involved.

2. The Witches - original book had some great TFs in the lead-up to the main story (told by the boy's grandmother). Girl to chicken, etc. Cut out completely. Then there was great potential for the bit with the maid who put some of the formula on her neck and started sprouting fur there - but they didn't do anything with that - would have been 100x better than seeing the ugly witches transforming. Of course, a slow, sexy TF mightn't have been that appropriate for a kids flick. Still would have loved it.

Plenty of other ones out there in films that had poorly done TFs, but right now, I'm just interested in making a list of films where the source material had them, but cut them out of the movie itself.
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