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Re: Missed TF opportunities in film

Originally Posted by TF-Viewer View Post
I believe in Wishmaster 3 towards the end a girl was trying to run away from the evil demon genie villian and he was trying to get her to wish for a place to hide. He shoved her face into a rat's cage in some science lab, and rather than transform her into a rat which would have been nice.. he just had rats eat her face off and kill her.... very lame considering how inventive the demon was in the earlier films with his victims.

A question though, in the Witches book, did the maid go through a TF as implied in the film, and was the chicken TF any good?
I think the Maid was just in the movie, and the chicken tf in the book is just "She started growing feathers all over her body and in a month she was a large white hen."
Oh yeah, the guy in the $3000 suit is going to hold the elevator for a guy who doesn't make that in three months. COME ON!
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