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Re: Missed TF opportunities in film

Hi, decided to jump in on the conversation. I must agree with the Wishmaster 3 missed rat opportunity.

I’ve seen so many horror movies and the disappointments are endless. Basically, anything that had the word Witch or Wish in the title usually came up painfully lacking. The Leprechaun and Warlock films had such potential but only had one or two decent female scenes.

A few others that come to mind would be:

Cloverfield: They should have shown the bloating up process.
(Would like to see if there could ever be a realistic TF process when shooting in that raw video style.)

Izumaki: I first saw what must have been a Photoshop image of a slug girl that only made reference to the movie. Sadly, I bought the movie and there were only some boy snails and no process. There should have been something with snail girls instead.

End of Days: In the beginning when Satan was in the restaurant he seemed to have something planned for a woman inside. Instead he just walked out and blew the place up.

Willow: They should have shown the woman warrior Sorsha changing.

Spellcaster: Same as above. Turn the woman into a pig or something. Equal opportunity.

Rocky and Bullwinkle: The woman’s head turning into a fruit was lame. Since it was a kids movie, I can’t be too critical.

In televsion: (sorry I know we're talking movies but wanted to throw these in)

Buffy disappointments:
The Buffy rat process could have been better
The Halloween episode where people became the costume they wore.
The other Halloween episode where a haunted house brings people's fears to life.
Willow and Amy once toyed around with people in a dance club but nothing ever happened.
Also the Revenge demon was a great concept, but again, nothing.

Angel Season 5: Lorne made a comment to Eve about seeing her future and at the time, the Senior Partners were still after her. Other characters had previous encounters with the Partners and it seemed like they didn’t straight out kill, they punished. Would loved to have seen her get turned into something slimy.
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