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Re: Transformation Poll

ST 7
RT 5 - I'm not so fond of feral transformations, but on the other hand I have difficulty suspending disbelief regarding how some things work mechanically, as detailed later.
HT 8
AST 4 - I find this to just be kinda weak.
SMT 3 - A TF should leave the transformee time to react to the changes
RoT 3 - Blood and gore just don't do anything for me
T 7 - One of my realism issues: I tend to prefer stuff where one could still plausibly live a semi-normal life, so were-transformations are big. And as a side note, that means I get more theoretical TFs per actual TF, via the Tethercat Principle.
BC 8 - Another realism issue, if someone becomes something larger, and they were wearing clothes, those clothes damn well better be reasonably damaged. There is no excuse for transformations via potion or biological means. Magic... well, magic don't gotta explain shit, but I'd still kinda prefer clothes damage. Rays can shift clothes, but that's pushing it a bit.
TS 4 - Eeh, shrinking doesn't really do much for me. Too much loss of ability.
TN 8
TL 7

AC 5
MC 8
FC 6
RC 6
IC 4
EC 4 - You just don't tend to see the same sort of horror out of elemental transformations that you do out of more biological TFs
OC 3 - Here's another one of those realism issues: if there's no plausible means of maintaining consciousness, like with inanimate TFs, I have trouble not just saying that the transformee is just dead. Golems and Robots kinda get around this, but not enough to make them interesting.
UC 4 - Speaking of people just becoming dead... okay, yeah, there's some edge cases that can be decent, but there's too little actual change here outside of dying.
MyC 6
PC 4 - Kinda similar to the issues with object creature TFs
AbC 6
SO 3 - Despite jokes to the contrary, dicks are not capable of thinking. Sprouting multiple of bits is fine, I suppose, but it doesn't really do anything for me that another TF doesn't do better, and thus isn't enough to bring up the rest of the category.
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