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Re: Transformation Poll

Straight Transformation (ST): 5 (I'm kind of picky, I guess)

Realistic Transformations (RT): 5 (Depends on what they're turning into. A straight-up human to normal wolf TF doesn't interest me too much.

Hybrid Transformations (HT): 8 (I Definitely lean towards this direction nowadays).

Anime Style MG TF (AST): 3 (Not a deal-breaker but that alone isn't going to hold my attention.)

Smooth Transition (SmT): 1 (Basically the opposite of what I enjoy about TF fandom).

Rough Transition (RoT): 7 (I like a bit of pain in TFs but skin rippage is a bit of a turnoff and I assume that falls under this category).

Temporary Change (T): 5 (Either way.)

Burst Through Clothing (BC): 9 (Only reason it's not ten is that a TF can still be sexy if they start off nude)

Transform Smaller (TS): 2 (Not a turn-off, just that I've never found a shrinking TF particularly enticing because I like TFs into dangerous creatures, which are generally larger)

Transform Normal Sized (TN): 8 (Size doesn't matter, but most of the TFs I like are human-sized or a tad bigger.)

Transform Large (TL): 5 (Not into growth for the sake of growth, but I could certainly get behind a human to 30-foot dragon TF)

Aquatic Creature (AC): 5 (depends on the species)

Mammal Creature (MC): 5 (depends on the species)

Flying Creature (FC): 5 (depends on the species)

Reptile Creature (RC): 5 (depends on the species)

Insect Creature (IC): 5 (depends on the species)

Elemental Creature (EC): 3 (prefer something a bit more organic, but I could conceivably still enjoy an elemental TF)

Object Creature (OC): 3 (again, I prefer something organic, but roboticization can be sexy sometimes.)

Demonic/Angelic Creature (DAC): 5 (depends...)

Undead Creature (UC): 3 (undeath is a turn-off. Vampires are sexy in spite of that, but I usually have to ignore certain aspects. Weird since I'm actually a subscriber to VampYou).

Mythology Creature (MyC): 5 (depends...)

Plant Creature (PC): 3 (I prefer to keep it in the animal kingdom, but I've seen some decent plant TFs.)

Abomination Creature (AbC): 5 (depends...)
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