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Re: Transformation Poll

The best part about reading all your responses is that everyone is so varied. And you all have articulate reasons for your choices, which makes this experiment so rich. Love it!

Something I’ve always been fascinated with about TF and varied species in a sci-fi or fantasy way is part about the process (love me some process), but equally important in my mind is the What Happens Now? For instance, let’s say you turn into a werewolf. Are there other werecreatures you can join in their society? Every time you revert back human, do you have to shave your legs again? Are you realistically going to keep this a secret or will you start up a YouTube channel and rake in Pewdiepie money?

In my series, I tried to always look at the realities of 1/3 of humanity turning into different Races whenever I introduced a new character. Succubi need sex to survive, so now brothels are legal and are treated no differently than a Whole Foods market. Holstaurs produce gallons of magic milk that effects Races differently, putting the coffee and sports drink industries out of business. Goblins can’t feel pain so many of them became suicidal. Beastkin often have enhanced senses so many of them learned to live in a world without privacy. My naga character has a daughter who is also a naga, forcing them to live in a monster ghetto not because the mom can’t handle it, but because she was scared it could happen. Book 2 the Races are only getting weirder, with an owl girl, a cheetaur, an undead, an insect and a mythological type. Outlines for Book 3 get even farther down that rabbit hole.

What I’m getting at is I love the WHOLE process, not just the immediate physical change but also the consequences of what it means to be transformed into something else. Too bad almost zero stories go into this kind of depth. I mean, mine does, but I’ve already read it.

Keep it up people, lots of great data here for my research! Loves you all!!
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