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Re: Request a Story

3) POV of tale teller
Told by a older wiser Jen decades after the events she's about to commit
to a journal as a warning to future generations of werewolves

Based on the Dragons of Pern premise of that wandering Red Planet
that comes by every 3 centuries or so,drawing with it Thread
and catching the slumbering folk of Pern off guard and giving them
50 years of Hell till the Red Planet goes away.

Lets say a astral body (a shattered part of the Moon ) is circling the
Solar system and visits our area every 270 years.When this astral
body comes by its gravitational pull draws the Full Moon closer to
Earth,its "werewolf causing lunar rock " as well has a added boost to the

So that last time this astral body came by was 1729 and it spawned
the French Beast of Gervais and other horrorible werewolf nasties for a
few decades.

After 270 years the werewolves have forgotten about the "super monsters"
and being a werewolf is a misunderstood child of nature/furry/otherkin thing.,but
nothing like the werewolfs from the 1730's and 1740's had to deal with.

Jen gets infected in the 1990's,and like the other weres,ignores the DoomsDay
prohets who are claiming in 1997 that their day of reckoning is apon them.
So Jens immersed in a were community that views being a werewolf as little
more trouble then everyday issues,and after 2 years of being a werewolf
refuses to believe that she could turn into a human flesh craving child gobbling
up Spawn of Satan type creature.

Now one of the Doomsayers ( Van Helsing) is also cursed,and naturally isn't
too pleased with the role he'll be playing in 2 years.Presumably he's researched
a anti-werewolf monster potion ( wolfsbane) and figures it'll keep
the weres from going ravenously big ,hairy and hungry come the predicted
Dooms Day date ( 2000 AD )

So its DoomsDay and on the first night Jen is alarmed when her change is a
bit more extreme then she'd come to expect after 2 years of being a were.

Come the 2nd night she's gobbled up the patent anti-werewolf pills Van Helsing
kindly sent her months/years earlier.She breathes a sigh of relief as her tf is
' gentler and Kinder"

However stories go around the were community the next morning that some
were's ( who didn't gobble up the pills ) "lost it and went off on a
murderous blood soaked rampage of gobbling up dogs,sheep,cats,etc

So the 3rd night Jens double dosing on those anti-werewolf pills.
Alas the "Red Planet and its Thread" influence easily smashes through Van
Helsings medication and a
Beast of Gervais "super werewolf monster"
awakens within her and the safe tranquil days
are gone for the worlds were community for the next decade or two,during which
everything gets turned upside down for werewolf Jen.
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