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Question Transformation Poll

I'm curious, I know what I like in my Transformations, but what do you all prefer? I don't see any of these as wrong answers, but as an author of smut I want to see what others are looking for in their process stories. If my poll doesn't have your special brand of kink, feel free to reply with what you're looking for.

I'm not looking for Source Of Transformation. What I mean is, I'm not looking for whether you like attribute theft, magical potion, scientific/realistic, etc in what causes the change, just trying for the pure process here. Also, TF covers a lot of bases, so be prepared for a more detailed poll.

I originally wanted to see how the poll function worked on the forum, but I think it will work better if people reply with a 1-10 next to the categories listed below, 10 being you can't get off without it, 1 being you commit hate crimes to the author.

ST: 8
RT: 3
HT: 10
AST: 1
SmT: 5
RoT: 5
T: 8
BC: 10
TS: 2
TN: 5
TL: 8
AC: 6
MC: 6
FC: 6
RC: 7
IC: 8
EC: 7
OC: 4
DAC: 4
UC: 5
MyC: 8
PC: 4
AbC: 7

Here are the descriptions

Straight Transformation (ST)
This is kind of the catch-all, you don't care how your girl changes, so long as she's turning into something else.

Realistic Transformations (RT)
Obviously changing into something isnít real, but this category isnít about turning into a hybrid or humanistic version of the creature. Werewolves turn into actual wolves, were-dolls turn into unmoving dolls, were-dragons turn into actual dragons instead of giant scaled females.

Hybrid Transformations (HT)
The majority of the TF kink, girls remain generally female but take on a lot of anthro/monster/other traits.

Anime Style MG TF (AST)
Girls stay 90% human female, gaining only a few extra traits such as cat ears, tails, maybe some fur or paws.

Smooth Transition (SmT)
Also called Animorph TF, the girl is one minute human and the next is transformed into her new form. The process can vary in detail, but the actual effect isnít jarring or traumatizing.

Rough Transition (RoT)
Van Helsing tearing off his skin to reveal the wolf underneath, any of the Pack from Kate Daniels novels, the change is not pleasant and often involves visceral descriptions.

Temporary Change (T)
It comes and it goes. When the full moon hides behind a cloud, our girl has to run and find some clothing hanging serendipitously on a drying line.

Burst Through Clothing (BC)
Why is the monster wearing the remnants of a skirt and T? Because itís better that way, thatís why.

Transform Smaller (TS)
Whatever the creature, you want it pint sized. IíVE never heard of a were-hamster, but why should that stop Rule 34?

Transform Normal Sized (TN)
Size change isnít the important part of TF, a purist is all about the change. There can be some growth involved here, but sizes remain generally in the range of human normal.

Transform Large (TL)
Transforming into a dragon is the only way to go, the bigger the better. No real size limit, but should only stay within the reasonable limits of the creature in question.

The following are the group categories of TF types. I understand there can be nearly infinite types and feel free to add a group if Iíve missed one.

Aquatic Creature (AC)
Fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, lobster, merfolk, selkie, etc.

Mammal Creature (MC)
Lupine, Feline, ursine, elephants, rats, hyena, pigs, cows, unicorn, Kong, centaur, etc.

Flying Creature (FC)
Birds, bats, wyvern, harpy, dinosaurs, etc.

Reptile Creature (RC)
Lizards, snakes, naga, dragons, gorgons, dinosaurs, etc.

Insect Creature (IC)
Beetles, ants, bees, preying manti, spiders, girtablilu, centipedes, slugs, etc.

Elemental Creature (EC)
Slimes, djinn, elementals, etc

Object Creature (OC)
Golems, robots, dolls, etc

Demonic/Angelic Creature (DAC)
Angel, devil, succubus, oni, kitsune, etc.

Undead Creature (UC)
Vampires, mummies, zombies, skeletons, ghosts, etc.

Mythology Creature (MyC)
Goblin, cyclops, Minotaur, elf, gnome, fairy

Plant Creature (PC)
Leshy, dryads, alraune, ents, etc.

Abomination Creature (AbC)
Beholder, lovecraftian horror, chimera, rakshasa, etc


Iím actually kind of partial of weirder TF than the standard stuff like werewolves. Love to see it with other growth like FMG and BE, but my perversions are becoming well documented.
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