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Meaner Pastures - Anthro Hyper Cow TF

With apologies to Steinbeck.

If you are offended by anything any of the characters say in this story ... good. You're supposed to be. That means you're a good person. This is all shit that I've heard people living in the American South say. But the moral of the story is that there are some good people mixed in with the horrible ones.

”Well bless your little heart!”
--Southern expression meaning
“Go fuck yourself.”

“So why is it you want to become a cow, Mrs. …?”

“Barton. Markeshia Barton.”

“So why is it you want to become a cow, Mrs. Margereet Barton?”

“Markeshia.” The unchanging expression on the pig woman’s face indicated either she hadn’t heard the correction or just didn’t care. “Well, I’ve always thought they were cute. Mistreated. Misunderstood. They’re not dumb, I’ve seen videos of them playing fetch and doing math with their feet … Hooves. And, um … Molly McMoomaw.”

It was hard to tell if the woman was raising an eyebrow, scrunching her face up in disdain, or trying to sniff out a truffle. “I’m sorry, what was that last bit?”

“Uh,” Markeshia stammered as she cleared her throat. “Molly McMoomaw. The cow from Happy Cows’ Happy Milk?” How the hell had this lady never seen the mascot? It had only been on store shelves for the past fifty years. “The little cartoon cowgirl … um, cowgirl cow-girl? Always happy, always smiling, horns poking through her big Yosemite Sam hat? ‘Molly McMoomaw says: Happy Cows’ Happy Milk makes happy families happy’? I guess as a kid going through the grocery store with my mom, I just came to associate cows with happiness. Which I guess is kind’ve stupid considering the meat department was a few aisles over, but … Yeah. Good ol’ Molly.”

The porcine lady checked a box without looking down at the paper or even breaking eye contact. Markeshia wasn’t sure if it was merely such a practiced motion that the checkbox’s location had become instinctual or if she was afraid the nervous woman standing in front of her might run out of the room in embarrassment. Either possibility was still on the table at this point.

Honestly the glass house—or maybe glass sty—was looking pretty breakable right now. This is a woman who had willingly chosen to turn into a sow. Where the hell did she get off in judging someone else for their barnyard animal … proclivities? Plus she was wearing a muumuu. Who the fuck wears a muumuu?

Markeshia tried her best to hide a smile. If the porcine creature before her had chosen to become a cow she could even now be wearing a moo-moo muumuu. Markeshia needed to get this over with.

The attire probably was more practical than fashionable. She wasn’t grossly overweight, but the change had probably not helped out in that department. As she turned more of her attention to her notes she moved to cover them up as much as she could with her other arm. Markeshia took notice of the shiny blonde hairs covering her forearms and took the opportunity to soak in the rest of her appearance. Her nose was slightly upturned, but wasn’t a full pig snout. It probably would’ve been cute if it was. Pointed, floppy ears poked through her hair. Aside from that she was mostly indistinguishable from a normal person of her size and build.

That was kind of what Markeshia was aiming for, really. She had seen a few people in the hallway outside who looked like something out of a horror movie. A half-horse, half-man had opened the door for her back in the waiting room and she had audibly shrieked when she saw him. She had apologized profusely, but he had waved it off with a grin and said it was a common thing around here. He seemed generally nice until she had shuffled down the hallway in embarrassment, at which point she heard him say something in a condescending tone to the still-human receptionist.

Still, cowhood was worth any price. If she had to deal with awkward interactions with unpleasant barnyard-animal-people, so be it.

“No religious reasons?”

“Uh, no, I’m not really religious.”

And here it was at last. A genuine human expression had now made its presence known across the woman’s confused, shocked, indignant porcine face. “You ARE aware this is a religious community, Mrs. Margereet?”

“Oh, yes, I mean I don’t have any PREVIOUS religious affiliations! I mean, that’s a big part of what drew me to seek out your organization … community … parish?”

The sudden relief on the pig woman’s face was apparent. “OH! Well, that’s just fine then! We’re always happy to have new members of the Faith.” The change in her tone of voice and demeanor was astonishing. She had gone from unfriendly to downright motherly within seconds.

Markeshia had read the pamphlets, and the “About Us” page on their website. They were founded by a group of mostly Southeners who had wanted the whole “return to nature” craze to be a bit more literal in their case. They formed a religious community built around giving up human ways and becoming half-barnyard-animal in an effort to promote unity by working together in the fields like the “good ol’ days.” Markeshia doubted any of them were alive during those times. Or that the "good ol' days" included horse transformations.

Basically they were Amish, only instead of the beards they had hooves and horns and snouts. In a way, they got the better end of the deal. Hopefully their cheese is as good.

There was a lot more of that going on lately. Animal people were popping up everywhere. It was becoming somewhat fashionable in some circles, somewhat an abomination before God and country in others. The incident with the flying snake thing had let the cat--or flying snake thing in this scenario--out of the bag. The government couldn't hide it anymore.

Markeshia didn’t really give a shit. She wanted horns.

“Any other reasons to declare for choosing to go cow with us today?”

“Um, well … I guess it wouldn’t hurt having an upgrade in … that area, you know?” Markeshia smiled conspiratorially with the newly-amiable pig woman as she glanced down at her chest.

For a second the portly woman’s expression threatened to turn back into disapproval, but instead she decided to shift gears. “Okay, I’m just going to put ‘Interest in transitioning to the Faith’ and ‘Aesthetic reasons’, okay? Now then, is your husband also making the change with us today?” The woman’s accent had become thicker, more musical in that strange way Southerners’ tend to speak. An almost sing-song cadence. Halfway through certain words they would shift to other notes, higher or lower pitch and in the process add unnecessary syllables. It had a wholesome yet saccharine tone to it that wasn’t entirely pleasant or unpleasant. Just notable.

Also, that was a very strange question.

“Uh, I’m not married.”

And just like that, it was gone. The pig woman’s expression had gone from full of mirth to teetering once again on disdain. “Oh. Well, uh, we’ll see what we can do to change that, okay?”

What the fuck?

“This is a traditional FAMILY establishment, after all. We believe that it’s a woman’s job to always be providing and accommodating towards her caregiver. Let the men take care of the important stuff, let the women run the household. Hard to fulfill that duty without a giver to care for, of course.”

What the fuck?

Markeshia nodded and tried to smile. Just focus on the cow-horns. Their little condescending cult bullshit can jump off a cliff. She would be flipping them off as she walked out the door fifteen minutes after she had her new horns. She just needed to nod, smile, and play along until then.

“Although you may have to wait around for a while. We don’t often get people of your … ethnic … um, heritage. So you may have to wait until someone of that … persuasion joins the family.”

What. The. Fuck.

Markeshia vowed to herself that she was going to stab this woman through her beady little eyes. There were so many stab-able offenses in that last statement that she was wondering if she would even need a lawyer. She started to form a mental bullet list of the offensive shit this sow bitch had just said so she could keep track of them all. She wished she hadn’t handed over her phone already.

“Interesting.” Markeshia hadn’t realized her teeth were grinding until she tried to speak. A sudden knock at the door broke the tension before she decided to break something else.

The door slowly opened and a strangely misshapen figure poked her head into the room. “All done here?”

Markeshia had never been so relieved to see a mutant donkey woman in all her life.

“Yes, Haley, we have enough to go on here. You can do your job now.”

There seemed to be some animosity between the pig lady and the jenny. For that reason alone, Markeshia had already decided she liked the newcomer.

“It’s so nice to have you here! And a cow too! You’re going to be adorable! I mean, even more adorable. Come on, let’s introduce you to your new self.”

The donkey lady’s complimentary spiel sounded rehearsed, but genuine. Haley held the door as Markeshia stepped out into the hallway and away from the person whose existence she was going to attempt to forget. Or eradicate.

Haley had gone all out, but it suited her. She was of the half-person, half-animal variety but she wasn’t remotely intimidating like the horse had been. Her lab coat hugged her body in all the right places. The scraggly grey fur on her visible face, hands, and ears made Markeshia want to pet her, although that didn’t seem remotely appropriate. Her bucktoothed expression was just awkward enough to look charming without being too silly and her long ears swiveled in Markeshia’s direction in a way that indicated she was genuinely interested in anything she might have to say. As she was led down the hallway, Markeshia took the opportunity to admire the ass’s ass. Her ropey tail poked through a hole in her lab coat and bounced from cheek to cheek as she walked. If she ended up with assets like that she knew she’d be one happy camper.

Markeshia tried not to giggle. Assets. Ass assets. An ass’s ass assets.

“Philis can be a little … abrasive. Don’t let it worry you. And by ‘abrasive’, I of course mean ‘jabbering nosy bitch’. Here’s your room.”

Her room wasn’t a room. Dirt floor, red planks covering the walls, hay bale, rickety half-painted wooden bench. One of the walls had a full length mirror hanging on it. There was a faint stench of sweat and musk that wasn't overpowering but neither was it pleasant. At least it didn't smell like manure.

“Yeeeah, the room is kinda weird. We find most people prefer a setting tailored to go along with the change. Brings them closer to the spiritual journey they are about to embark upon, or whatever. Have a seat and we’ll get you started.”

Markeshia sat on the bench, hoping it wasn’t as unstable as it appeared to be. She also decided to file Haley’s “or whatever” line away for later. Maybe not everyone here is a religious wacko. “Um, so the whole animal-church thing is … I guess, kind of new to me? I mean, I knew it was a big part of the commune, but it seems like it may be a little … um, more ‘traditional’ than I was expecting.”

Haley sighed and rolled her eyes. Such a human expression on a not-so-human face was fun to watch. “Yeah, just … kind of go with it. There are good people here, but not everybody is that deep into the 'old ways' stuff and there are more of us every day. I think there will be a split eventually and we can go somewhere with running water and fewer Philises about, if you know what I mean. I’m just here for the friends I've made and the being-a-donkey.” Haley unwrapped a syringe and a vial of glowing green liquid. She poked the vial and started to slowly extract some of it into the syringe.

"So, that was something that confused me. It's like Amish-level living arrangements, but you've got a genetic manipulation lab here."

"It's complicated. And hypocritical. They ..." Haley paused to correct herself, nodding along with a pronoun shift. "I mean, 'we' tolerate the evils of science and flushing toilets in order to bring us closer to the earth, until such a time as God blesses us with a return to nature through more nature-y ways. Just nod and go along with it."

Markeshia nodded and went along with it.

"Once your part of the commune," Haley continued, "no more interactions with the clinic or anything else from the 21st century."

“'Kay. Hey, can I ask you something else?”

“Something about being a donkey?”

“Something about being a donkey.”

“Oh … my … God. Yes, you so totally can!” Haley quickly filled the rest of the syringe, placed it haphazardly on the bench, and turned to face Markeshia. She was practically hopping. “Nobody ever asks me, and it’s like ALL I ever want to talk about.”

Markeshia laughed. “So, uh …”

“So, ‘why donkey’?”


“Oh my god, it’s the …” Haley interrupted herself for a moment as she kicked the door with her hoof, causing it to slam and rattle the shambled planks nailed to the wall in an effort to afford the pair some privacy. “Oh my god, it’s so awesome! Nobody ever thinks about how great donkeys are, and it just baffles me. Fucking baffles. I can bench press 450 without even trying! I get a sweet tail and these cute ears. And I mean, not to toot my own horn here, but I’m pretty fucking adorable.”

“You really kind of are.”

“Right? And the sex …”

Markeshia smiled. “Good, I take it?”

“Girlfriend, I would need to be a poet to put it into words.”

“So, you’re married to someone here?”

“No, why?”

“I mean, from talking to Philis I got the impression that some degree of celibacy was in the works until you found some asshole to be subservient to.”

“Oh, no, fuck Philis. I mean, don’t FUCK-fuck Philis. That would be horrible. She’s a pig. Like, a pig? Why even? Seriously. Why would you even?”

“So, uh, how does that work? I take it you don't buy into all of the preachy stuff.”

“Oh, a lot of us are just here to become mutant animals monsters. And very cute ones. You just kind’ve have to take the good with the bad. Go to the Gathering of the Family every day, recite the words, just play along. That sort of thing.”

“No way. Is it seriously called the Gathering of the Family?”

Haley nodded quickly. “Just play along. A lot of us do. It’s a small price to pay, really. And free room and board and all of that. You get used to the lack of Internet after a while. I think it helps my brain not be mush. I mean, not as mush. Pulling water from a well and lighting candles at night take a little getting used to, but it's fun in a quaint way. And the donations that new members have to make cover up any expenses the place may have. There's probably some rich weirdos backing it all too. And your diet becomes a lot simpler, especially for a cow. Not like you're going to want an expensive steak on the weekend. Hell, I’m down to just munching on oats and grass and it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Really cuts down on costs, especially because we grow most of it anyway. Although in Philis’s fat-ass-case it probably is more expensive. But who gives a shit, she’s a pig. And she’s Philis.”

Markeshia had started smiling halfway through to diatribe. Haley was awesome. “So, I saw a horse guy on the way in here …”

Oh, Eugene? Yeah, he’s one of them. A true believer and all that. Which is fine, whatever. If it helps you be a good person I’m all for it. I just usually find it has the opposite effect.”

“But you and he aren’t …?”

Haley cocked her head to the side in confusion. One of her ears flopped over from the motion and Haley really had to fight the urge to pet her. Finally she got the hint of what Markeshia was asking. "Oh, wait, no! What, because he’s a horse and I’m a sort-of-a-horse?" Her demeanor changed instantly. She seemed genuinely insulted. "So, what, we must be fucking in the bathroom stalls, that sort of thing? I can’t believe you just asked me that! What a thing to say!” Haley stood up and crossed her arms.

“Oh my god, I didn’t mean … I didn’t mean to … I’m so, so sorry!”

Haley was laughing before Markeshia was halfway through her apology. “I’m fucking with you.”

Markeshia let out a sigh as Haley leaned forward and actually gave her a hug. It was entirely unexpected, but it did give her an opportunity to feel that wonderfully scruffy fur on her cheek.

“Oh! Oh shit, you really got me." Markeshia sighed in relief. "I really don't want to piss off the only genuinely nice person I've met here.”

“You are going to be my new favorite person! I can already tell!” The embrace went on a little longer than felt appropriate, especially considering it wasn’t really appropriate to begin with. Haley seemed to realize this and stood up. “Sorry! It just happens. I’m just a really huggy person, even more so now.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Your fur is like the softest thing ever.”

“It is! It’s a-may-zeeng. I never get tired of it. Um, but getting back to your question, no, Eugene is not really what I’m into. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I haven’t thought about it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see what he’s hiding in there, if you know what I mean.”

“Hehe, yeah, definitely.”

"In his pants."


“His penis. I’m talking about his penis.”

“Yeah, I got you. We’re on the same page here.”

“Yeah, but no. Eugene is a good coworker I guess, but super not my type. I kinda play for both teams, but lean more towards the women’s league if you get me?”

“Right on. Is that cool here? I mean, doesn’t seem like the most progressive place, romance-wise.”

“They pretty much don’t ask and I don’t volunteer to say. I like it better that way. Um, speaking of … Kind of a shot in the dark, but are you at all interested in …?”

“Me? Oh, no. I play for the boring team.”

“Rats. But, er, when I say that I play for both teams, I mean that I, uh … play for both teams and, uh … play for both teams.” Haley whistled awkwardly and patted a conspicuous bulge in her crotch.

“Huh? I don’t … Oh! Uh, wow. They can … do that, too?”

“Genetic engineering. They can do lots of stuff with the old gene splicing these days. So, uh … Maybe let me know if you ever change your mind? … Hehe, okay, very embarrassed. No, but seriously, you’ll fit in well here. With the 'cool crowd' anyway."

Haley seemed like she was very practiced at the art of jumping in and out of conversations that were becoming awkward. Markeshia got the feeling it was a tactic she used often, usually because she was the one making it awkward in the first place.

“Okay! Anyway. Time to let you get on with the show and get my dopey donkey self out of here.” Haley clasped her hands together, the thick hoof-tips on the end of her three fingers clicking together. “Are you ready for the most exciting thing that will ever happen to you?”

“Definitely. But, uh, wait. I was kind’ve just interested in a few … alterations? Horns, ears, maybe that sort of thing? Nothing too big?”

“Oh, it’s no problem there. This is just a mild dose, not the full thing. You can always receive another injection later if you change your mind and want to take it further. And I really, really hope you do. But, yeah, this is the smallest injection possible. Based on previous cases, you’ll get the horns almost immediately. Maybe discoloration in your fingernails, but that’s it. If anything, we might need to do another injection in case this one wasn’t strong enough.”

“Seems pretty controlled.”

“Yep! No worries at all. So … you ready to get your cow on?”

Markeshia sighed. Here it was. She had waited for it for so long, gone through so much to get here, and now it was finally happening. She had almost literally signed her life away on this one. The Family didn’t let just anyone in. It took a substantial monetary investment. No, that wasn’t quite the case. It took the entirety of her savings. Whatever material wealth, stock holdings, tangible assets, everything. Her house, her car, her everything. Hell, her family--her actual real family--didn’t want anything to do with her when she had said she was going to undergo her transformation. Aside from the nice donkey lady she had only just met, she was now completely bereft of friends and family and without a dime to her name.

But it wasn’t like she would need any of that now. This weirdo cult would take care of everything if she decided to stick around, and she could get a new job if she didn’t. And it wasn’t like she’d need to be investing in a 401K from now on. She’d have cute cow horns. That was worth any price she would have to pay.

“Okay." Markeshia nodded. "Let’s do it.”

Haley swabbed Markeshia’s neck with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball, pressed the ominous needle to her skin, and sealed her fate.

“Done! You are about to be Mrs. McMoomaw incarnate.”

Markeshia rubbed the site of the injection subconsciously. “I am so happy somebody remembers Molly McMoomaw! I was beginning to think I dreamt her up.”

“’Happy Cows' Happy Milk makes happy families happy!’ A truer focus-group-tested, board-of-directors-approved slogan was never spoken. I’ll get out of your way. Oh! Did you want some music or anything? Some people go in for the whole barnyard-music for barnyard-animal-transformation thing. Carrie Underwood?”

“Under no circumstances should you ever play country music in my presence.”

“Oh, thank God. We’re going to get along SO well. I’ll get out of your way and let you get to it then. Next time I see you, you’ll be a whole ‘nother species!” Haley practically squealed in delight as she shuffled out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

Markeshia sighed in a suddenly empty room. “I like you too … large … hermaphrodite donkey lady.”

She began to swing her legs back and forth, and old habit she had always displayed whenever she was anxiously awaiting something. The room was certainly strange, but possessed some of the down-home Southern charm that Markeshia had always suspected was a ruse to get people to excuse any unwelcome ignorance on the part of the hillbilly natives.

With a nervousness she wasn’t accustomed to, Markeshia began to rub her fingers before she noticed that the action wasn’t entirely due to absentmindedness. Her fingers were itching slightly, and upon examining them she noticed her fingernails were darkening from tan to dark brown to solid black.

She smiled. “Well, that’s not too bad. Kind of a nice little fashionable mutation. Never was one for the goth look, but this is kinda cool. Could do without the itchiness, though. Ow!”

A sharp pain in her jaw brought her out of her monologue. She rubbed her chin and began to trace the line of her teeth with her tongue, which came to rest over her canines. They were definitely smoother, and getting more so by the second until they felt the same as her molars.

“Guess no more steak for me.” She made a frown. “Jesus Christ, I hadn’t even considered that. Is that cannibalism now? Either way, guess I’m going vegetarian.” She hoped she wouldn’t end up driving a Prius and voting for Bernie. She continued to rub her jaw instinctively until the pain subsided.

“Okay, great, teeth and nails, where’s the fucking horns? I wonder if …” Markeshia kicked off her shoes and socks so she could examine her toenails. Sure enough, they had turned black as well. “Guess it would be weird not to have a matching set. I kinda like them.” She pushed her shoes aside with her foot before realizing she’d better completely disrobe. She wanted to keep an eye out for any other changes. She had been told some swelling was possible, but had inwardly been keen on the idea of gaining some accents to her curves.

Markeshia pulled her shirt off, examining her reflection in the mirror as she did so. She noticed some growth of black hair in her armpits that DEFINITELY wasn’t there this morning. She’d always kept herself tidy. “No big deal. Not going to let having to buy extra razors get in between me and my horns.” She removed her bra, rubbing her hands over her stiffening nipples, admiring the contrast between her black nails and brown skin. She had always felt she could use a bit more up top, and was told cow transformations were usually more than accommodating in that regard. She hoped that would happen before the horns grew in and she ended the transformation.

She ran her hands down her body slowly before unbuttoning her pants, whereupon she felt some course hairs growing above her waistline and slowly spreading over her naval. “Fuck me, something else to trim.” She slipped her pants and panties off at the same time, turning to the side to admire herself. She had always been told she had a great body. Her bush had thickened and spread to her inner thigh, but was still sort of manageable. The hair now sprouting from her forearms was going to be less so.

“Okay, yeah, could do without that. Fucking horns better get here soon.” She semi-consciously began to rub her fingers through her pubic hair. It was softer than she was used to and it actually felt pleasant to run her fingers through it. She was already soaking wet, which was something else they’d told her to expect.

Still no horns. In fact, so far she wasn’t particularly pleased with any of the changes and was definitely not happy as she noticed the newest one. She was sprouting dark brown hairs between her chest as well. She watched as the growth extended further downwards, eventually linking up with the line traveling northward from her nethers. It slowly spread across her chest, encircling her nipples before it started to become noticeably thicker.

“Okay … FUCK that.” Markeshia strode to the door, cracked it open, and peeked her head outside. “Um, Haley? Hello?”

The donkey lady was nowhere to be seen, but voices did echo down the white hallway.

“I don’t know about this one.” The voice was gruff, harsh. It sounded like someone accustomed to partaking in a cigarette or two after every hour of hard work.

A feminine voice replied, “You can never tell. She may fit in.” The tone of voice was subdued, almost subservient, like offering this opinion was the highest level of disagreement that was allowed.

“Nope. You heard her talking to the jack-ass. If she gets along with HIM, she’ll sure as shit not be getting along with anybody else ‘round here.”

The female voice mumbled a bit, prompting the male to bark for her to speak up. “S-She calls herself a ‘she,’ not a ‘he.’”

“Fuck him. That’s not a woman, that’s an ugly man.”

Markeshia had heard about all she needed to hear. She had unconsciously taken a few steps in the direction of the argument before realizing she was stark naked. She turned around just in time to witness the door to her room had shut. Striding back to her room, she was alarmed to find her legs had become mostly covered in inch-long hair that ticked her skin slightly as she hurried to the doorknob. First, get clothes, then get away from the hillbillies. She had a plan.

Said plan swiftly fell apart as she tried the doorknob and found the door had locked. “Ah shit. Shit shit shit.”

Markeshia tiptoed down the hallway away from the voices, rubbing her arms as she went. By now she was almost completely covered in hair that was swiftly becoming a coat of soft brown fur, with black splotches here and there. She rubbed her temple and made two discoveries. One, the hair on her head was still there, which was nice. Two, the fucking horns weren’t. Something was wrong. Had she been given the wrong injection?

Peeking around a corner, she saw Eugene, the horse-man from earlier, leaning against the counter talking to Philis. He was chewing tobacco, several thick strings of which were drooling from his muzzle. “Don’t some of them believe that way, too?”

Philis seemed to be in the process of doing some sort of paperwork. “I don’t know. I guess so.”

“I mean, Bible says Muslims are goin’ to hell.”

Philis sighed and gave an “I know” of agreement.

“Bible SAYS.”

“I know.”

Markeshia looked behind her. Should she go back the other way? She seemed to have been given a choice between bigoted fuckwits in one direction or a different set of bigoted fuckwits in the other. “Are these people for real?”

She held her hands out and examined them as they were beginning to cramp painfully. As she watched, her pointer and middle fingers were beginning to fuse together along with her ring merging with her pinkie, until she had three fingers on either hand. Her thumbs swelled as she flexed her hands and noticed their dexterity was rapidly fading even as the pain began to increase.

Markeshia wiped a large amount of sweat from her brow, dampening the furry growth on her forearms as her eyes darted to a door with a restroom sign on it. “Gotta get outta this hallway.” She stumbled through the door, praying she hadn’t made as much noise as she feared she had. Examining herself in the mirror, she saw the muscles on her arms had become much more defined, even through the thickening, inch-long fur. She rubbed her three-fingered hands down her calves and found the muscles in her legs had also strengthened and now rippled noticeably as she flexed them. “Gross, god damn it.” Where the fuck was Haley?

The pain intensified, this time focusing on her feet. Markeshia attempted to sit down, but her legs didn’t seem to want to work the way they should and she soon fell on her much-larger ass. The cold tile felt nice, even if she was laying on the floor of a public restroom. She prayed no one would make an entrance, and for a moment contemplated trying to stand up and inspect the door for a lock but knew that was out of the question at the moment.

Markeshia examined her feet as they were following a similar transformation as her hands, although this time they merged into two single digits, each capped with hard, shiny black keratin. She grunted in pain as her new hooves clacked on the bathroom tile. She suddenly screamed in agony as what used to be her feet starting growing, shifting her legs into the digitigrade hind legs of an animal. Sweat dripped down into her eyes, and she accidentally poked herself with her larger finger as she tried to wipe the stinging tears away. Her fingers were barely flexible at all now. She began to panic, breathing in the humid air with larger gulps as she became terrified she would soon not be able to move them at all. "Shit! Shit! Oh god, make this stop!"

The pain now centered on her chest as her breasts began to swell. She moaned pitifully as she rubbed them. She had wanted more up top, but not if it meant all of this. Her breasts continued to expand, pushing her hands away from her body as they swiftly grew into C cups. She pulled her hands away as a pleasurable sensation coursed through them. She could see how much bigger her nipples had become, nearly an inch long, just as thick, and still growing. She hoped they didn’t expect her to nurse a calf while she was here, although she found the idea strangely enticing.

Like pushing a domino, the idea stirred something else inside her. She felt a motherly instinct settling in. Maybe it would be nice to have a calf nursing at her udders. Or maybe Haley could try that? She shook her head, but the damage was done. She felt herself growing increasingly wet at the idea and slowly traced the contours of her firm belly down towards her sex. "Ugh, god, why does it have to feel so good?" She began her practiced routine, gently rubbing her lips before discovering her fingers were now much too big to softly rub her clit. She banged the back of head on the wall of the toilet stall, pissed at herself for allowing this to happen.

And still no fucking horns.

"Fuck, I need something down there." Markeshia rubbed her legs together, desperate for any kind of stimulation. The pain was still there, but giving way to an almost maddening lust. She needed something, anything inside her. Her legs trembled in pain as she saw her foot stretching. She would be forced to walk tiptoe now, if she could even walk at all. The muscles in her shins thickened, no doubt to accommodate for her increased weight. She must have gained at least fifteen pounds in the last ten minutes, most of it in her waist, her ass, and her growing breasts that weren’t intent on stopping any time soon. They had passed DD range already and were approaching the area where common bra measurements became meaningless.

They had reached ridiculous portions, slipping off of either side of her rib cage as she lay on her back and were now threatening to touch the floor. The swelling seemed to speed up. They were nearing basketball size now and still growing, the pleasure emanating from them making her feel slightly high. What’s worse, she felt two pleasurable sensations coming from below them. She attempted to move her breasts out of the way, but her hands were now mostly useless and caused her breasts to flop to the side every time she tried to left them. She was content to rub the sweaty skin below them with her forearms.

This was a bad mistake. “Ohhh goooooood no!” She felt two nubs swelling along with the skin underneath them, giving her a second pair of breasts. Her cunt felt like it was flexing as she tried to repeat the motion, a noticeable musk emanating from her, as she found her new additions were trying to catch up in size with her originals.

“So hot. It’s so fucking hot. Heat. Oh god, I’m in fucking heat!” The mirrors were actually starting to fog from the heat her body was giving off, and she wrinkled her nose as an overwhelming musky stench emanated from her armpits. Markeshia tried to flip over onto her stomach, watching as a tidal wave of breast flesh wobbled below her. She pushed herself up her hands and knees, her heat doubling as she found herself in this new position. She rocked on her hands and knees, simulating the thrusting of some hidden lover. Looking over her shoulder, she expected to see a mate leaning over her and was disgusted at herself for feeling disappointed there wasn’t one there. She gave a yelp as her nipples touched the floor, now warm and sweaty from where she had been laying. Her breasts had reached grown past the size of medicine balls, and her nipples had swollen so much they were at least a good four inches long and maybe two inches thick. She momentarily tried to grasp one, but stopped when she threatened to lose her balance.

She NEEDED some kind of stimulation between her legs, but none was to be found. "God, I can't take this anymore." She reached back to try to rub herself, only to find something new was in the way. She ungracefully rolled onto her back again, letting out a low "Mmmmooooooo" as she did so. Struggling against the weight of her four breasts, she felt her legs being pushed further apart by a generous swelling of her hips. The hot, rank air steaming from her loins filled the room. Soon she noticed her legs were spreading for another reason entirely. She craned her neck to confirm her suspicions. She was growing an udder, which was rapidly catching up in size with her other assorted mammary glands, obscuring her aching cunt. Four thumb-sized teats crowned her milk sack, and they too were swelling larger every moment, rivaling and then surpassing her freakishly long teats. Her lower back was beginning to hurt from the mere act of trying to examine her lower body, but just before she lay back down she saw yet another pair of breasts were growing just beneath her second. "How? God, that doesn't even make sense." Within moments her newest additions had grown to the size of her other four, and finally, blissfully, they stopped swelling. Her original pair would've been large enough to sag down to her waist now, if they weren't being held up by the weight of the others. She'd have to be fucked from behind from now on. She'd have to be fucked and fucked and fucked.

All Markeshia could do at this point was writhe in a pool of her own musky sweat as her mind tried to contain all of the new sensations it was being bombarded with. Conscious thought was almost impossible now. Giving in fully to these new feelings she rubbed her hands slowly down her second set of breasts and tried to tug on a nipple before realizing that option was no longer even possible. With growing horror she brought her hands to her face and saw that the word “hands” no longer quite applied. They had been fully transformed into the cloven hooves of some rank barn animal, an animal only good for eating and nursing and fucking and fucking and fucking. She tried to flex her fingers—or what used to be her fingers—to see any sort of movement, but there was none. Her arms now ended in useless hard black keratin, which she tried to wrap around her waist to provide herself with some comfort before finding that her sea of breasts made even that impossible. She wasn't even sure she could get off the ground any more. She writhed in pleasure on the wet ground, moaning, lowing, and crying as her emotions shifted from fear to misery to overwhelming lust and back again, over and over.

“Ohhhhh gooood, they can fix this right?" She wasn't sure she was saying the words out loud or just running them through her head as the pleasure continued to assault her. Every second she kept herself from orgasm was driving her body to urge her to do just that. But such a thing was impossible now. When was it going to end? "Please tell me they can fix this. Oh God, please tell me I’m not gonna be a—ARRRGH!” Her pleas were interrupted by an excruciating pain in her face, like her sinuses were being inflated past their limit and were now physically breaking. Sickening crunching noises mixed with Markeshia’s deep sobs, which occasionally sounded like the low of a large animal in pain. She instinctively tried to comfort her face with a gentle caress, but only succeeded in rubbing her clumsy hooves across her expanding nose. She blinked the sweat away as she looked cross-eyed down at her growing muzzle, her long, drooling tongue slipping down to touch against the wet floor. This couldn’t get worse.

“Yeah, be back in a minute.” A deep voice preceded the sound of the bathroom door swinging open, followed by something plastic hitting the floor. “Ho-lee fuck! HALEY! What the fuck did you DO?!”

The pain in her face was starting to abate, and was being rapidly replaced by deep embarrassment at her current situation, maybe mixed with a thrill of being found like this. Markeshia twisted to the side to try to see who had just entered the room. “Please … helmmp mmmmOOOOOOO.” Her voice was so deep and loud now it seemed to rattle the mirrors on the wall. Finally her eyes focused just enough that she could see the person who had entered the room. She was immediately filled with simultaneous horror and rapture. It was a humanoid bull-man.

“Um … H-Hold on, miss, we’ll get you some help.”

Markeshia cried out with in need. She was screaming for it. She needed help. She needed him inside her. She needed this to stop. She needed to be bred by a bull … by HER bull. She knew he could smell how bad she needed him. Just to get the point across she rolled onto her side and lifted her leg wide enough to show her mate how wet she was for him, only for her beachball-sized udder to flop over and obscure her offered cunt. She lowed in frustration as she rolled onto her belly again, but struggled against the weight of six (and a half) pairs of breasts. She weakly pressed against the wall, trying to gain some sort of handhold without actually having hands. She managed to push herself up on her hands (hooves?) and knees, looking longingly over her furry shoulder at her mate, thrusting her ass in his direction. Her pussy opened and closed of its own volition, desperate to grasp his cock. She could smell his arousal. He needed her as much as she needed him. Why was he hesitating? As if to offer encouragement to this male--and, god, what a male--her cunt shifted, sliding along with her swollen asshole higher between her cheeks. She couldn't be fucked from the front any more, but that was okay. Cows needed to be bred this way, and now he wouldn't be able to resist. Just to hammer to point home, she tried to encourage him, but found her voice barely worked anymore. "MMMMMMMM ffffoooooock mmmmmoooooo. Plllllllease! Ffffooock mmmmmmooooooo."

“Yeeeeah, that’s awful … um, nice of you, ma’am … uh … I gotta … Goddammit. HALEY! NOW!” The steer fled the room before he did something they’d probably both regret later, earning him an angry moo from his willing heifer. Mockingly adding to her frustration, a fourth set of breasts appeared, pushing its way between her third set and her udder. See? She could be such a good mother for his calfs. They would have to fuck all day to make enough babies to drink from all of her teats. This was getting stupid at this point. Cows have udders. Plural word, but for a singular organ. They had one calf. Why the fuck was she becoming more breast than person at this point?

Still a person. She WAS still a person, even though her need to be bred only grew in the sudden absence of her suitor. She could only make pitiful lowing noises, echoing down the hall in an attempt to call him back. She managed to crawl forward, straining against the weight of her chorus of breasts, and slouch against the wall. She exhaled a strenuous breath, droll and snot falling from her snout as she tried to take stock of her freakish body, although all she could really see were breasts, arms ending in hooves, breasts, legs ending in hooves, breasts, the tip of her muzzle with a dripping tongue hanging down, breasts, a tufted tail she didn’t even realize she had grown, and her udder. Her pale pink nipples contrasted nicely with her brown/black fur. The swelling seemed to have finally abated. Markeshia knew they didn’t make bras this big, but she estimated her breasts were easily three times the size of her head at this point. While they had finally stopped growing, her nipples continued to swell until they were long enough that she would need her fuck-bull to grasp them with two hands. She hadn’t expressed any milk yet, but then she shouldn’t have. She hadn't birthed a calf yet. She would need to feel her mate's hot cum inside her before that could happen. He needed to get back soon. She continued to watch her teats swell before they finally split four ways into the middle, each breast now capped with four teats that slowly grew apart until they resembled udders themselves. This was the final straw. Her body felt like one continuous sexual organ, horribly denied any sort of stimulation beyond this horrible need.

Her forehead began to hurt, although at this point the pain as barely noticeable. She rubbed her forehead with her wrist and made the most horrible discovery of all. Horns. The god damned horns were showing up at last. She had come into the building wanting just them, only to find herself becoming this monstrous breeding animal.

Haley’s voice rang from the hallway. “'Berto, I’m not the fucking janitor. If Eugene clogged the toilet, that’s not my fucking prob … blem?” The clicking of her hooves stopped as she walked through the door. “Ohhhhhhh shucks.”

The cow beast on the floor screamed her need to the donkey. She wasn't a bull, but god would she ever do. She had what she needed between her legs, but at this point Markeshia didn't have the energy to roll over and present herself. She weakly held one hoof towards the donkey woman, the other trying in vain to move a hundred pounds of breasts and udders out of the way of her steaming cunt. She moo'ed in abandon, tears falling from her larger eyes and her tongue trying her best to lick away her excess drool to make herself more understandable. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she slumped to the floor, the pleasure still maddeningly increasing.

Finally Haley understood. "Oh! Right! Oh, fuck me. Um, wait here, I've got something in my purse that is going to help out with this." Markeshia's lowing intensified at the thought of the donkey leaving the room without letting her cum. "Or, okay, yeah, I can help the old fashioned way." She strode to the mindless animal laying on the floor. "No time for gloves. Hope my hands are warm. But I don't guess you care too much about that at this point." Haley slowly slipped her hand underneath Markeshia's udder, tickling the sparse fine hairs growing on it, the sweaty skin lubricating her fingers along the way. "Jesus, I can barely find it." The pleasure increased even more as her finger fumbled for its target, before finally sipping between her ass cheeks and touching Markeshia's winking pussy.

Finally it happened. Markeshia as an individual ceased to be. Her body radiated her orgasm, her every cell dedicated to the feeling of rapture that continued to build. She felt herself beginning to pass out, but fought back against the sweet oblivion. She wanted to feel every second of this. She was owed it for what the ditzy donkey had done to her, and she fully expected this to be the first of many, many payments. She was sobbing in joy, ecstasy, pain, and sorrow as she felt herself cumming over and over, several times a second until it blurred into one long continuous explosion. It seemed never-ending, but nearly an hour must have passed of one intense prolonged orgasm. Her vision went white, then pink, then red, then back to white. She gradually became aware of the feeling of cold tile on her back as the feelings finally, mercifully passed and Markeshia slowly became aware of the world around her. Her teats were still burning, her cow cunt still on fire, but she slowly began to come out of her stupor.

The first thought that entered her head was a seething hatred for her horns, which her addled mind seemed to blame for her current state. After all, if the bastards had shown up on time all of this could have been avoided.

"I ... am going ... to saw ... you fuckers ... off."

Haley's face loomed over her as Markeshia slowly regained consciousness. Apparently it was very possible for a donkey to blush. “I’m … I’m SO sorry! Please don’t saw us off. I think that would hurt. A lot.” Haley apparently thought the cow freak in the corner was addressing her instead of her new protrusions.

Haley had sat next to her the entire time, gently stroking her forehoof. There was no sensation of touch in them anymore, but Markeshia appreciated the comforting sentiment.

“Not you. The bones. Horns. Horn bones. Ow. Fuck. Ow.”

Haley took a step towards her. “Markeshia? Are-Are you … there? Are you okay? Do you—shit, what do they tell you to do when this happens?—do you know what year it is? Who the president is … unfortunately?”

Markeshia tried to rub the sweat from her eyes again. Her voice was a harsh, quiet rasp. “Shut up. I’m me. Sort of. What the FUCK did you guys do to me?”

Haley’s ears drooped down as the realization slowly dawned on her. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck me. The solution. I was supposed to dilute it … but I gave you the full dose. MORE than the full dose. Oh no.”

“That’s why I have … all of these?” She gestured at her regiment of boobs with her near-useless hooves.

Haley quickly nodded on the verge of tears, her ears bouncing up and down in a way that was just ridiculous enough to make Markeshia laugh despite the bizarre situation. “It-It’s just that … nobody ever asks about me, you know, being donkey-me. I got … distracted?” Haley giggled pitifully. “Um, if you want to kill me, that’s fine. I mean, I wouldn’t like that, but I think you’d be justified. Jesus, let’s get you somewhere soft to lay down.” Haley stood above the cow woman and offered her a three-fingered hand.

Markeshia shifted her legs, but that was about all she was capable of. “I can’t get up. Christ, am I going to need a wheelchair from now on?”

Haley grasped her by both arms and slowly pulled her to her unsteady feet-hooves. “No no no, this is only temporary. Your muscles just don’t know how to work yet. You’ll have to take it easy for a few days, drink a lot of protein shakes, but you’ll be okay.” She bent down and draped one of Markeshia’s arms over her shoulder, the beast of burden trying to help her new friend walk. She awkwardly tried to support her with her other arm, but found it incredibly difficult not to put her hand anywhere on Markeshia’s body that wasn’t a boob. They stumbled for a step or too before Markeshia again slumped to the ground.

Haley lay her friend's head in her lap. “You got to ... There. There. It's okay, just rest here for a while. Maybe take a nap. Then we'll get you to a room. Oh my god, I’m so so so sorry. Whatever you need. I got you, whatever you need. I’ll try to make this okay if it takes the rest of my life.”

Markeshia glanced down at Haley’s crotch, thinking that she may well know the first way to take Haley up on her offer.

“I did it again, didn’t it?" Haley had tears dripping from her muzzle. "I goofed. I always fuck everything up. Always. Are you okay?”

Markeshia’s voice was harsh, gravelly as if she was severely dehydrated. “Yeah, okay isn’t what I would use to describe what I am right now … but that felt really … fucking … good.”

Harley grinned. It looked about as absurd on her as everything else did. “Welllll, that’s a plus, right? I think you're going to be wired like this from now on. Might want to invest in air fresheners though. You kind of reek.. God, you'll have to let me know how that felt. You were moaning and mooing for over an hour. I thought there might be some serious brain damage. Then you'd be as bad as I am in that department. Fuck. So stupid. But it felt good? Maybe you won’t kill me quite as bad? I hope?”

Marekshia snuggled up against Haley’s warm arm fur, breathing in the pleasant smell of hay and apples. “Maybe not quite as bad. Jesus Christ, you’re soft and fluffy.”

Haley gently stroked her hair, a strange motherly motion. “I know. I’ve got soft and fluffy on lockdown. Eugene!” The donkey lady yelled down the hallway. "Get your hillbilly ass over here with some bottled water!" She turned back to Markeshia as she began to nod off. "Let’s just let you rest here for a while, they we’ll get you on a stretcher and move you to a bed, okay? I fucked up so bad."

“You did. But, quick question?”


“The bull guy?”


“Roberto. Is he … one of them?”

“Not sure what you mean. One of who?”

“The creepy, racist, sexist, everything-phobic religious nutjobs.”

“Ohhhhh. Oh, no. Fuck no. We play poker every other Friday. He’s from California. I think he used to play cello, super nice to everyone. Why?”

Markeshia closed her eyelids as she quickly drifted off to sleep. “Good. That’s just super.”
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That was incredible, amazing work!
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