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Unread 08-08-2020   #1
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Question Transformation Poll

I'm curious, I know what I like in my Transformations, but what do you all prefer? I don't see any of these as wrong answers, but as an author of smut I want to see what others are looking for in their process stories. If my poll doesn't have your special brand of kink, feel free to reply with what you're looking for.

I'm not looking for Source Of Transformation. What I mean is, I'm not looking for whether you like attribute theft, magical potion, scientific/realistic, etc in what causes the change, just trying for the pure process here. Also, TF covers a lot of bases, so be prepared for a more detailed poll.

I originally wanted to see how the poll function worked on the forum, but I think it will work better if people reply with a 1-10 next to the categories listed below, 10 being you can't get off without it, 1 being you commit hate crimes to the author.

ST: 8
RT: 3
HT: 10
AST: 1
SmT: 5
RoT: 5
T: 8
BC: 10
TS: 2
TN: 5
TL: 8
AC: 6
MC: 6
FC: 6
RC: 7
IC: 8
EC: 7
OC: 4
DAC: 4
UC: 5
MyC: 8
PC: 4
AbC: 7

Here are the descriptions

Straight Transformation (ST)
This is kind of the catch-all, you don't care how your girl changes, so long as she's turning into something else.

Realistic Transformations (RT)
Obviously changing into something isnít real, but this category isnít about turning into a hybrid or humanistic version of the creature. Werewolves turn into actual wolves, were-dolls turn into unmoving dolls, were-dragons turn into actual dragons instead of giant scaled females.

Hybrid Transformations (HT)
The majority of the TF kink, girls remain generally female but take on a lot of anthro/monster/other traits.

Anime Style MG TF (AST)
Girls stay 90% human female, gaining only a few extra traits such as cat ears, tails, maybe some fur or paws.

Smooth Transition (SmT)
Also called Animorph TF, the girl is one minute human and the next is transformed into her new form. The process can vary in detail, but the actual effect isnít jarring or traumatizing.

Rough Transition (RoT)
Van Helsing tearing off his skin to reveal the wolf underneath, any of the Pack from Kate Daniels novels, the change is not pleasant and often involves visceral descriptions.

Temporary Change (T)
It comes and it goes. When the full moon hides behind a cloud, our girl has to run and find some clothing hanging serendipitously on a drying line.

Burst Through Clothing (BC)
Why is the monster wearing the remnants of a skirt and T? Because itís better that way, thatís why.

Transform Smaller (TS)
Whatever the creature, you want it pint sized. IíVE never heard of a were-hamster, but why should that stop Rule 34?

Transform Normal Sized (TN)
Size change isnít the important part of TF, a purist is all about the change. There can be some growth involved here, but sizes remain generally in the range of human normal.

Transform Large (TL)
Transforming into a dragon is the only way to go, the bigger the better. No real size limit, but should only stay within the reasonable limits of the creature in question.

The following are the group categories of TF types. I understand there can be nearly infinite types and feel free to add a group if Iíve missed one.

Aquatic Creature (AC)
Fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, lobster, merfolk, selkie, etc.

Mammal Creature (MC)
Lupine, Feline, ursine, elephants, rats, hyena, pigs, cows, unicorn, Kong, centaur, etc.

Flying Creature (FC)
Birds, bats, wyvern, harpy, dinosaurs, etc.

Reptile Creature (RC)
Lizards, snakes, naga, dragons, gorgons, dinosaurs, etc.

Insect Creature (IC)
Beetles, ants, bees, preying manti, spiders, girtablilu, centipedes, slugs, etc.

Elemental Creature (EC)
Slimes, djinn, elementals, etc

Object Creature (OC)
Golems, robots, dolls, etc

Demonic/Angelic Creature (DAC)
Angel, devil, succubus, oni, kitsune, etc.

Undead Creature (UC)
Vampires, mummies, zombies, skeletons, ghosts, etc.

Mythology Creature (MyC)
Goblin, cyclops, Minotaur, elf, gnome, fairy

Plant Creature (PC)
Leshy, dryads, alraune, ents, etc.

Abomination Creature (AbC)
Beholder, lovecraftian horror, chimera, rakshasa, etc


Iím actually kind of partial of weirder TF than the standard stuff like werewolves. Love to see it with other growth like FMG and BE, but my perversions are becoming well documented.
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Unread 08-08-2020   #2
Process Fan
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Re: Transformation Poll

UC: 10.
AC: 10.
RT: 2. I don't go for realism, unless I have to.
MC: 10.
T: 10. But I go for a variation where the person gains the ability to transform at will or learns how to master their new form.
HT: 10.
DAC: 10. Deadites count since they are demons.
TL: 7. But not taller than 6'ft.
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Unread 08-09-2020   #3
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Re: Transformation Poll

ST: 2
RT: 2
HT: 10
AST: 5
SmT: 4
RoT: 8
T: 3
BC: 5
TS: 2
TN: 10
TL: 2
AC: 8
MC: 8
FC: 5
RC: 9
IC: 1
EC: 1
OC: 3
DAC: 5
UC: 5
MyC: 3
PC: 1
AbC: 3

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Unread 08-09-2020   #4
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Re: Transformation Poll

ST: 8
RT: 8 (The grey area between this and hybrid is real. I hate anthros, but I like tfs into more monstrous versions of creatures, like the bipedal werewolfs from Being Human or Cursed)
HT: 4
AST: 1
SmT: 3
RoT: 9
T: 8 (Vastly prefer "were" creatures that have to deal with reoccurring changes one way or another to permanent changes)
BC: 3
TS: 1
TN: 9
TL: 3
AC: 4
MC: 9
FC: 6
RC: 7
IC: 4
EC: 1
OC: 2
DAC: 5
UC: 2
MyC: 6
PC: 2
AbC: 9
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Unread 08-09-2020   #5
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Re: Transformation Poll

Loving these polls, BTW...

Straight Transformation (ST), 5, I gave this a 5 because while I love TF, context is super important. So a random scene of a woman walking down the street and then 'poof' she's now a poodle is not super interesting to me.

Realistic Transformations (RT), 2, I remember a Changing Times Podcast episode with Dragoniade in which he was very adamant that TF should always be realistic. I don't share that philosophy. *lol* Even for feral TFs, I prefer some non-realism, such as exaggerated sexual features. Arania's Debby Donkey sequence is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

Hybrid Transformations (HT), 5, I gave this a 5 because I love when it's well-done, but I also like non-realistic feral (see above answer). With that said, I generally prefer my anthros to be less "furry" in style.

Anime Style MG TF (AST), 2, this can be cute but it's really unappealing to me as far as fetish fuel. I'm gonna get a bit up on a soap box here (*lol*), but it drives me nuts that the "Transformation" tag on sites like Exhentai gets added for anything that has a whiff of kemonomimi or someone grows a pair of fangs or whatever.

Smooth Transition (SmT), 3, I'm less interested in this, but I have to give props to my roots as my interest in TF probably began in a lot of childhood cartoons that had this type of TF.

Rough Transition (RoT), 7, I'm not into extreme body horror and pain, but I do like the TF to be a jarring and humiliating experience with parts swelling or shrinking, bones reshaping, teeth growing, etc.—more like Willow, less like Cronenberg's version of The Fly.

Temporary Change (T), 4, I kind of like the idea of permanent change—or at least the belief it's going to be permanent. With that said, I don't mind an "Oh no, the moon is out tonight!" scenario.

Burst Through Clothing (BC), 9, like the other polls, this is almost always a requirement.

Transform Smaller (TS), 4, less interested in this, largely for the aforementioned BC dimension, but I still enjoy a good mouse TF.

Transform Normal Sized (TN), 6, I can dig this as long as there is the aforementioned BC.

Transform Large (TL), 7, dig it.

Aquatic Creature (AC), 2, these are probably my least favorite.

Mammal Creature (MC), 10, definitely my favorite!

Flying Creature (FC), 5, dig these but some kind of fall flat for me.

Reptile Creature (RC), 8, enjoy this, especially if some of the, umm, mammalian features are retained (see above about non-realistic).

Insect Creature (IC), 8, love these, especially if if they have anthro aspects (i.e., Lunate's work) or if they are human-sized or larger versions of bugs (some of Chocolatechilla's work).

Elemental Creature (EC), 6, I can dig these if they are done in a humiliating rather than empowering way.

Object Creature (OC), 7, I'm digging a lot of the dollification stuff ImmortalTom is doing, which I didn't realize I would. Robots can be great too. I still remember seeing Black Sabbath's Dehumanizer album cover and thinking, "Man, if only that were happening to a cute babe!" *LOL*

Demonic/Angelic Creature (DAC), 6, can dig the demon and succubus TFs, less on the angelic.

Undead Creature (UC), 6, this is something that I love in theory but I generally don't love most instances of execution I've seen or read...probably because it's meant to be more horrifying than sexy in those instances. I enjoy Locofuria's vampire comics.

Mythology Creature (MyC), 7, dig 'em.

Plant Creature (PC), 7, love it and wish there were more of it.

Abomination Creature (AbC), 9, really love these ones as well, especially since your imagination can lead to anything.

I'd also add:

Sexual Organs (SO)
Anthro penises, mouths into vaginas, limbs becoming sexual organs, etc.

8, there's a sub-genre of furry porn where characters become the cocks of other characters, which I'm not really into. I do enjoy characters TFed into large dicks, such as Kastle's work or FullMoonMaster's Witch's Curse comic collaboration, or some of Demonman's less extreme stuff where characters sprout countless boobs and cocks.

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Unread 08-09-2020   #6
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Re: Transformation Poll

ST 7
RT 5 - I'm not so fond of feral transformations, but on the other hand I have difficulty suspending disbelief regarding how some things work mechanically, as detailed later.
HT 8
AST 4 - I find this to just be kinda weak.
SMT 3 - A TF should leave the transformee time to react to the changes
RoT 3 - Blood and gore just don't do anything for me
T 7 - One of my realism issues: I tend to prefer stuff where one could still plausibly live a semi-normal life, so were-transformations are big. And as a side note, that means I get more theoretical TFs per actual TF, via the Tethercat Principle.
BC 8 - Another realism issue, if someone becomes something larger, and they were wearing clothes, those clothes damn well better be reasonably damaged. There is no excuse for transformations via potion or biological means. Magic... well, magic don't gotta explain shit, but I'd still kinda prefer clothes damage. Rays can shift clothes, but that's pushing it a bit.
TS 4 - Eeh, shrinking doesn't really do much for me. Too much loss of ability.
TN 8
TL 7

AC 5
MC 8
FC 6
RC 6
IC 4
EC 4 - You just don't tend to see the same sort of horror out of elemental transformations that you do out of more biological TFs
OC 3 - Here's another one of those realism issues: if there's no plausible means of maintaining consciousness, like with inanimate TFs, I have trouble not just saying that the transformee is just dead. Golems and Robots kinda get around this, but not enough to make them interesting.
UC 4 - Speaking of people just becoming dead... okay, yeah, there's some edge cases that can be decent, but there's too little actual change here outside of dying.
MyC 6
PC 4 - Kinda similar to the issues with object creature TFs
AbC 6
SO 3 - Despite jokes to the contrary, dicks are not capable of thinking. Sprouting multiple of bits is fine, I suppose, but it doesn't really do anything for me that another TF doesn't do better, and thus isn't enough to bring up the rest of the category.
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Unread 08-09-2020   #7
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Re: Transformation Poll

Straight Transformation (ST): 5 (I'm kind of picky, I guess)

Realistic Transformations (RT): 5 (Depends on what they're turning into. A straight-up human to normal wolf TF doesn't interest me too much.

Hybrid Transformations (HT): 8 (I Definitely lean towards this direction nowadays).

Anime Style MG TF (AST): 3 (Not a deal-breaker but that alone isn't going to hold my attention.)

Smooth Transition (SmT): 1 (Basically the opposite of what I enjoy about TF fandom).

Rough Transition (RoT): 7 (I like a bit of pain in TFs but skin rippage is a bit of a turnoff and I assume that falls under this category).

Temporary Change (T): 5 (Either way.)

Burst Through Clothing (BC): 9 (Only reason it's not ten is that a TF can still be sexy if they start off nude)

Transform Smaller (TS): 2 (Not a turn-off, just that I've never found a shrinking TF particularly enticing because I like TFs into dangerous creatures, which are generally larger)

Transform Normal Sized (TN): 8 (Size doesn't matter, but most of the TFs I like are human-sized or a tad bigger.)

Transform Large (TL): 5 (Not into growth for the sake of growth, but I could certainly get behind a human to 30-foot dragon TF)

Aquatic Creature (AC): 5 (depends on the species)

Mammal Creature (MC): 5 (depends on the species)

Flying Creature (FC): 5 (depends on the species)

Reptile Creature (RC): 5 (depends on the species)

Insect Creature (IC): 5 (depends on the species)

Elemental Creature (EC): 3 (prefer something a bit more organic, but I could conceivably still enjoy an elemental TF)

Object Creature (OC): 3 (again, I prefer something organic, but roboticization can be sexy sometimes.)

Demonic/Angelic Creature (DAC): 5 (depends...)

Undead Creature (UC): 3 (undeath is a turn-off. Vampires are sexy in spite of that, but I usually have to ignore certain aspects. Weird since I'm actually a subscriber to VampYou).

Mythology Creature (MyC): 5 (depends...)

Plant Creature (PC): 3 (I prefer to keep it in the animal kingdom, but I've seen some decent plant TFs.)

Abomination Creature (AbC): 5 (depends...)
Shameless self-promotion:
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Unread 08-15-2020   #8
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Re: Transformation Poll

The best part about reading all your responses is that everyone is so varied. And you all have articulate reasons for your choices, which makes this experiment so rich. Love it!

Something I’ve always been fascinated with about TF and varied species in a sci-fi or fantasy way is part about the process (love me some process), but equally important in my mind is the What Happens Now? For instance, let’s say you turn into a werewolf. Are there other werecreatures you can join in their society? Every time you revert back human, do you have to shave your legs again? Are you realistically going to keep this a secret or will you start up a YouTube channel and rake in Pewdiepie money?

In my series, I tried to always look at the realities of 1/3 of humanity turning into different Races whenever I introduced a new character. Succubi need sex to survive, so now brothels are legal and are treated no differently than a Whole Foods market. Holstaurs produce gallons of magic milk that effects Races differently, putting the coffee and sports drink industries out of business. Goblins can’t feel pain so many of them became suicidal. Beastkin often have enhanced senses so many of them learned to live in a world without privacy. My naga character has a daughter who is also a naga, forcing them to live in a monster ghetto not because the mom can’t handle it, but because she was scared it could happen. Book 2 the Races are only getting weirder, with an owl girl, a cheetaur, an undead, an insect and a mythological type. Outlines for Book 3 get even farther down that rabbit hole.

What I’m getting at is I love the WHOLE process, not just the immediate physical change but also the consequences of what it means to be transformed into something else. Too bad almost zero stories go into this kind of depth. I mean, mine does, but I’ve already read it.

Keep it up people, lots of great data here for my research! Loves you all!!
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